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Work from across my 20 year career

Premier Inn

Over the course of 5 years spent as Head of Creative at Premier Inn, I crossed the path of pretty much every creative and design challenge going.

Completely overhaul all digital channels. Check. Refresh the entire brand from first click to checkout. Check. Shift the business from an ATL to TTL campaign mindset. Check. Turn an airport terminal footbridge into a 150m long immersive brand experience. Check. Build a 20-strong internal creative, content and product design team. Check. Be consulted on everything from doorhandles to door drops. Check.  


ZIP by Premier Inn

ZIP was launched in December 2019 after a 3 year journey to add a new sub-budget member to the growing Premier Inn family. Small on size but even smaller on price, ZIP was as groundbreaking for the UK hotel industry as it was Premier Inn as a brand.

I oversaw every element of the brand's development from inception through to implementation and consulted on the entire customer and team member experience.


hub by Premier Inn

Though already 4 years into its journey, hub by Premier Inn was still embryonic as a brand and unrealised as a product when I joined the team.

I oversaw and directed the design of 6 entirely new digital channels, the refinement of the brand and creation of hundreds of pieces of comms and content for the hotel and F&B offering.


National Rail Enquiries

I initially picked up NRE as a client to do a few odd-job amends to their website. Those small amends quickly gave way to refining the entire site and developing six completely new platforms from mobile web to iOS apps to an experimental Windows 8 apps. Over the course of 18 months, I completely changed the face of one of the UK's most used digital services.

It got to the point where I was asked to develop new brand guidelines for them as the digital brand was now leading everything else. It was a first example of truly end-to-end experience and brand design.


McVities Sweeet™

I took the new McVities Sweeet™ masterbrand campaign - a collective of cute animals bursting from packs of biscuits - from ATL advertising to fully integrated campaign.

It not only involved developing a suite of highly innovative interactive digital ads but also a new responsive website and a range of shareable digital delights such as cat paw mouse pointer plugin and personalised snuggles you can send via Facebook or Twitter.


HSBC Year of Renminbi

To mark China's Renminbi becoming the world's most traded currency, Dan led the creation of a fully integrated campaign for HSBC. It covered everything from print and digital OOH, interactive banner advertising, digital platforms with rich video content storytelling to internal CRM comms and live data displays.

The main aim was to better distribute the huge wealth of insight on trading in Renminbi that HSBC held. Rather than completely rebuild existing platforms, it found more effective ways to get relevant people to them.


City of London

It's not often that you get to serve the needs of tourists drawn from across the globe with those of local people who simply want their bins collecting and to get more from council services. And it's even less often that it ends up being such a striking and engaging platform as to earn a Webby nomination.

Well that was very much the case with the redesign of the City of London website which I led from concept through to delivery just in time for the 2012 Olympic Games. Photo finish.


Nokia 'The Black Box'

Nokia were joining the satellite navigation market having bought leading mapping company Navteq. Despite being one of the world’s leading brands at the time, they had very little stock in the arena. They needed to launch their new product in a way that would really break the mould.

To do so, I collaborated with the advertising agency Fallon to create a multi-platform interactive experience. At its heart was a dark, Fincher-esque film. Participants had to solve riddles and look for clues hidden throughout the film and across the internet to unlock the different chapters. It was a groundbreaker for the industry but also for Nokia as a brand.


Best of the rest

So many projects for so many brands.

A selection of my work including: redesigns of the ESPN UK, De Beers Corporate and English National Opera websites; an interactive 3D mapping experience for Butlins resorts; interactive launch experiences for Range Rover; a global integrated campaign for Lucozade - 'Glucose Powered Life Coach'; an interactive recruitment experience and campaign for West Midlands Police; a completely new website for Cineworld; Nytol digital platforms redesign; Auto Trader Dealer Portal website design.



Creative Director

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